Strengthening “Ek Bharat, Shresht Bharat”

Not mere slogans but these are the schemes launched by Government of India of national importance to promote unity among the inhabitants of the states and the Union Territories of the country to forge unity and understanding . Exchanging what was special and specific among the states and forging close understanding and cooperation in different fields of economy, like agriculture, industry, tourism, culture etc is the objective of the captioned scheme. When people of one state know more about the other and vice versa , the result is promoting greater understanding to one another’s benefit. In this connection, a tripartite agreement having been recently signed by UT Agriculture Department, Sikkim Government and Sikkim University is for purposes of bringing Jammu and Kashmir and the state of Sikkim close for collaboration on training , technology, capacity building and extension activities in agriculture.
This agreement, therefore, is aimed at giving a boost to and extending the horizon for saffron and other temperate crops. This agreement, the first of its kind, having been signed in presence of the Governor of Sikkim and Lt. Governor of the UT lent due importance to it as a new partnership between Jammu and Kashmir and Sikkim in agriculture and horticulture sectors shall prove to the benefits of both. Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha terming the historic collaboration as a move to strengthen the initiative of the Prime Minister of ”Ek Bharat Shresht Bharat” was, therefore, a big step towards research and technical intervention . Sikkim is making headlines in promoting organic farming and , therefore, has much to share with other states / UTs in this field hence beneficial for the agriculture sector in Jammu and Kashmir.