Unholy Jihad- a true story from Kashmir

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Jan 27: “Unholy Jihad”- a one of its kind book, based on a true story from Kashmir was recently released by Sabre & Quill Publishers through an online mode.
Written by a military historian and accomplished author from Jammu, Col Ajay Raina, this book adds to a long list of his books on J&K.
According to Col Ajay Raina, the conflicts zones have terrifying tales emanating from their soils and Kashmir has been no exception.
“Reasons and background to the conflict remaining whatever these are, victims have been many. On top of the list stand the aboriginal Kashmiri Pandits who were hounded out of their land. Then were many sane voices, cutting across religious lines, who were silenced. And then, there were many who had been charmed by the glistening weaponary but who eventually ended up as cannon fodder in no time. There were also those who were forced into picking up weapons and even though some if not all of them could see through the game being played in the name of Jihad, they couldn’t retrace their steps and ended up getting killed or imprisoned,” he explained.
This book, based on a true story of a terrorist who had surrendered and worked with the author, takes the readers through various layers of what we call Kashmir problem. The book is pitched at a very wide canvas and it carries the readers to distant lands and various localities in Kashmir, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Notably, one of the books authored by Col Ajay Raina has been included as part of the study material for the Officers’ promotion exams in the Indian Army while another work has been picked up by a media house for production of a web series. This is 17th book by the author.