Apni Party emerges as hope among people: Bukhari

Apni Party president Altaf Bukhari and other leaders during the joining programme on Thursday.
Apni Party president Altaf Bukhari and other leaders during the joining programme on Thursday.

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Jan 27: President of Apni Party Syed Mohammed Altaf Bukhari today said his Party has emerged as a hope in Jammu and Kashmir when there was disappointment and feeling of alienation among the people.
Altaf Bukhari was speaking at a joining programme in which prominent social activist, and Congress leader, Adv Akhlaq Hussain Khakhi along with his supporters joined the Party. The joining programme was organized by Party leaders Arun Chibber and Vipul Bali wherein large numbers of the Apni Party leaders were present.
While welcoming the new entrants, Bukhari said that their joining will strengthen the roots of the Party in Mendhar and asked them to take forward the policy and agenda of the party among the masses.
“We founded this Party when there was hopelessness among the people in J&K. The people were left helpless nor did anyone represent their concerns and this was the time we decided to come out in support of the common masses,” he said.
“Initially, our opponents raised several objections but the time has proved that the voice which was raised by us was right and it is due to this reason, the people from remote places across J&K are joining the Party because of its developmental centric policies and agenda,” he said.
He advocated unity among the two regions and its people while criticizing the politics of division.
He said that the situation is not conducive for the people of J&K as they feel alienated with the present form of Govt. Hence, there must be assembly polls to win the confidence of the people so that an elected Govt can rule J&K.
Speaking on the occasion, Khakhi said, the agenda of Apni Party is being appreciated by the people and they believe that it is the only Apni Party that can bring out the people from the difficult situation in J&K.
Prominent among those who joined the Party include Mohd Saleem Choudhary, Mohd. Faiz Choudhary, Mohd. Aslam Choudhary, Mohd. Sadiq Sarpanch, Mohd. Showkat Choudhary, Mohd. Rafiq Qureshi, Mohd. Majeeb Choudhary, Zulfikar Ali Choudhary, Mohd. Saghir Choudhary, Mukhtar Ahmed Khan, Zaheer Ahmed Khan, Fareed Ahmed, Mukhtar Ahmed Qurashi, Salar Khan, Ibrar Khan, Shamrez Khan, Sajad Khan, Mohd Anwar Choudhary, Mohd Javaid Choudhary, Mohd. Younis Choudhary, Mohd Shoib, Mohd Idrees and others.