UNESCO award for Ladakh Project

A prestigious project of Cultural Heritage Conservation, that of restoration of an aristocratic house, not in ordinary course but from ruins, in Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir State has won an UNESCO Asia- Pacific award which the world body announced recently. It is really a recognition of hard work and sincere efforts towards restoration of neglected but priced piece of cultural heritage that throw enough light on the contemporary period when such structures were built. They are lighthouses of our history and a treasure for further research and knowledge.
The LAMO centre in Jammu and Kashmir’s Ladakh region was chosen for its systematic restoration project that used salvaged and local building materials and indigenous construction techniques for the “feat” under reference. At the same time, skilfully and with great care modern amenities are introduced therein only to ensure its ongoing use. Visitors and heritage lovers would throng this retrieved piece of rich heritage. This is what has been largely expressed by UNESCO Bangkok . It has opined that the recovery of the aristocratic house from a state of partial ruin establishes an important precedent for conserving the non monumental urban fabric of Leh Old Town. Strategically located at the foot of the Leh Palace, the restored structure contributes significantly to the continuity of the historic townscape dating back to 17th century – is what the citation for the award contained in words. More of such work needs to be undertaken under the PPP mode in our Jammu and Kashmir State where there is enough potential and available talent as well.