ULB Elections

Fourth and final phase of ULB elections in the State has ended. While taking stock of the ULB elections till date one feels that Indian democracy is flourshing in J&K. Maintaining massive turnout of 81.4 percent in 3rd phase of polling for ULB elections in Jammu province while polling percentage has remained 3.5 percent in Kashmir. Although boycott call given by the separatists, affected poll process to some extent in the valley, People of the state have shown their full faith in the Indian democracy.
They have largely participated in the election and have contributed towards strengthening of democracy at the grass root level. People in general have realized that polling process will pave the way for the development of their respective wards in the State. ULB elections have exposed those who hold double standards and expliot people for their ulterior motives. In the same manner people will participate in Panchayat elections of the State so that development of the state widens.
S N Raina