Twitter hegemony no longer acceptable

Twitter cannot present a distorted map of India as a purgative or giving vent to its feelings just that its acts of hegemony in not obeying Indian rules in India is resisted. The wrong map wherein it showed Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh as separate country has now been reversed by it by removing such map. The distortion appeared on the career section of the Twitter website and triggered a backlash from the netizens demanding strict action against the micro blogging platform.
A habitual carrier of misinformation, earlier it had (deliberately) shown Leh as part of China and thus misrepresented the map of India. With a clientele users of 1.75 crore in India, Twitter was conspicuous with its silence when e-mails sent to it in this connection evoking no response. With imminent action from the Government of India under rules, it had no option but to remove the wrong map. Hope it behaves well within Indian rules in India and concerning all that was Indian.