Tulips in full bloom in Sanasar awaiting visitors

One of the famous songs sung by the legendary K.L.Sehgal had the lines ..”Jungal main phool khilay hain, kis kay liye.” To analogize those lines with the situation in Sanasar where Tulip flowers are currently in full bloom touching the strings of emotions of the beholder with the fascinating colours and bewitching fragrance and humming of honey bees and flights from and decadence on these flowers by colourful butterflies but for whom have they blossomed is the question. Apart from literary and imaginative perspective, there should have, in fact been a scramble among visitors to reach the spot among the first and leave among the last.
The fact of the matter is that there is no impressive basic infrastructure around the Tulip Garden in Sanasar area of Ramban district in Jammu and Kashmir . It was thrown open on April 16 this year but there being pathetic condition of roads leading to the picturesque garden , visitors are abysmally less in number. It could be imagined as to how many avenues of employment of micro nature locally it could have generated had there been proper roads and other facilities provided for visiting this garden surrounded by the snow capped hills and Nathatop in its backdrop. The Government should look into the issue on urgent basis well before setting in the month of May so that enough visitors throng this “thing of beauty” to remain “a joy” for many years embedded in their memories.