Trump administration wants to take Indo-US ties to next level: Haley

NEW DELHI: President Donald Trump shares Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of nations pursuing growth “free and fearless in their choices” in the Indo-Pacific region, American envoy to the UN Nikki Haley said today asserting that the US wants to take bilateral ties to the next level.

In an address here on advancing bilateral relations, she exuded confidence that the two countries will stand “shoulder-to-shoulder” in confronting regional and global challenges.

Responding to a question, she also talked about the contentious issue of immigration amid an uproar over detention of scores of people in the US, including Indians, for illegally entering the country.

America is a country of immigrants, but it cannot allow illegal immigration in the wake of the challenge of terrorism, Haley said.

The US is trying to find a way to know exactly who is coming in the country to properly secure its people, she said.

Her remarks come amid the issue of a group of 52 Indians, mostly Sikhs, being held at a detention centre in the US State of Oregon for being part of a large contingent of illegal immigrants seeking asylum. (AGENCIES)