Triplet take birth in Amandeep Hospital

Dr Rashi Sammi, Dr Aakriti and Amandeep Hospital team in a happy posture with all three newborns.
Dr Rashi Sammi, Dr Aakriti and Amandeep Hospital team in a happy posture with all three newborns.

Excelsior Correspondent
PATHANKOT, Oct 30: Triplet were born simultaneously in the famous health center of North India – Amandeep Hospital, Pathankot.
People have mostly heard about twins and news of Triplet is very rare but in Amandeep Hospital, Pathankot, Triplet kids took birth 2nd time within a year.
25-year-old Manjeet Kaur (pseudoname) from a village near Gurdaspur gave birth to 3 children together, one son and 2 daughters, at Amandeep Hospital, Pathankot. All three children and their mother were very healthy.
Dr Rashi Sammi, Chief Gynecologist, Amandeep Hospital, Pathankot, while giving more information about this, told that this is the second case within a short span of approximately one year in Amandeep Hospital, where 3 children were born simultaneously.
Dr Sammi said that it was a very complicated case. The family members were scared somewhere medical staff was also anxious about such a case. This was the 32nd week of Manjeet Kaur. She told that all the facilities and arrangements for such complicated cases in Amandeep Hospital are available. Delivery was done perfectly by LSCS system (lower segment caesarean section) and now Manjeet Kaur has been discharged and taken to her home with her children.
In LSCS system, delivery is made by making incision at the bottom of the uterus. The best advantage of this system is that blood flow is very little in it and it gets cured quickly. Dr Rashi said that in such cases gynecologist should be fully assisted by Anesthesia team. In this case, Dr Aakriti (Anesthetist) and entire team worked very hard.
It’s worth mentioning here that almost a year ago, a young lady from Himachal Pradesh also gave birth to triplet together under the supervision of Dr Rashi Sammi at Amandeep Hospital, Pathankot.
Vijay Thapa, Facility Director, Amandeep Hospital, Pathankot said that Dr Rashi Sammi is very experienced to solve such complicated cases and till now she has successfully solved many difficult cases.