Traffic chaos permanent problem in Jammu

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Feb 23: The authorities have failed to maintain a proper check and regulate the traffic in Jammu city even after the protests by people.
The traffic chaos has been a common problem in Jammu city and almost all routes face daily jams. The problem, however, becomes worst after the darbar move from Srinagar to Winter Capital.
The people accuse Government of its total failure in finding an everlasting solution to the problem, which is getting compounded day by day. Though various social and political organizations from Jammu constantly demand widening of the city roads, construction of alternative roads and flyovers especially from Jewel to Ambphalla and Canal to Talab Tiloo, the successive Governments failed to pay any attention to it, said Ram Kumar a social activist.
He said hundreds of new vehicles are adding to the public and private transport every month in Jammu alone while the width of the roads is over three decades old and till authorities pay attention to this issue, the traffic chaos will be a continuous problem in Jammu.
The people are confronted with traffic problem on every city road especially B C road from Shakuntala Cinema to Rehari Chungi, Canal road
to Jewel Chowk, Basant Nagar, Paloura to Disco Morh, Janipur and Ambphalla to New Plots said Satish Poonchi president Jammu Kashmir Peoples Front.
He said the demand for construction of flyovers and circular roads in these areas is a long pending one but Government is always making false promises with the people in this regard.
The people fail to reach their destinations in time due to traffic jams in the city as it takes a vehicle not less than 20 to 30 minutes to reach from Canal to Jewel a distance which can hardly be covered in three minutes.
Same problem is being faced by the commuters at B C road from Shakuntala Cinema to Rehari Chungi. On this road the traffic jam is witnessed throughout the day. To reach their destinations in time and save themselves from being trapped in the jam for a long time the two wheelers and some LMVs usually ply on the footpath.
To get rid of this problem the army has erected barricades on the foot path at B C road so that no two wheeler or LMV could cross over the foot path during traffic jam.
Though the Government is ceased of the issue, it has failed to pay attention to the problem for reasons best known to it, said Mr Poonchi.
He warned if the problem is not paid immediate attention it will become more complicated in future.
The Government should look into the problem immediately and give topmost priority in widening city roads, construction of circular roads as well as flyovers, said Mukesh Sharma another social activist.


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