Top 8 Must-Try Menu Options for Veggie Lovers

In today’s world, there are a lot of people who are opting to go vegetarian to achieve a well-balanced lifestyle. Gone are the days when the menu of a restaurant had very limited options for vegetarians. One look and you are soon to realize that with time a lot of restaurants have expanded their food offerings to the crowd. Some dishes are so delicious that they can’t be resisted even by an out-and-out meat lover. Let’s take a quick look at the top 8 must-try veggie menu options.

  1. Crispy Chili Mushrooms: These spongy, meat-like textured edible fungi have crafted their signature place in the hearts of people. Once considered an exotic ingredient, is now common in various appetizers, soups, and even salads. One dish that you should try is the crispy chili mushroom. This Asian dish is made by coating fresh mushrooms with cornflour and deep-fried. These are then tossed in the sweet chilly sauce along with diced onions, and capsicum, giving it an unbelievably zesty taste. Apart from being tasty, mushrooms are packed with nutrients like Vitamin D and essential antioxidants.
  2. Veg Extravaganza: It’s a misconception that vegetarians have limited menu options to enjoy in fast food restaurants. Dominos for example has an extraordinary range of vegetarian pizzas like the Margherita pizza, pasta, and sides that are sure to send your taste buds into a frenzy. If you love crunchy veggies then you should try out this dynamic veg pizza that’s overloaded with fresh veggies like crispy capsicum, crunchy onions, grilled mushrooms, exotic olives, golden corn, jalapeno, and juicy tomatoes. You can devour this power-packed pizza when your stomach is rumbling for a filling meal and your taste buds demand something tangy.
  3. Creamy Tomato Pasta: If you are craving comfort food to pair up with your Netflix web series marathon on a Friday night, then a piping hot bowl of this creamy rich tomato pasta paired with buttery garlic bread that’s toasted to perfection is what you need.
  4. Veg Lasagna: A traditional Italian delight lasagna is made by layering flat pasta, with veggies like carrot, beans, corn, broccoli, and oodles of risotto cheese. This delightful dish is heaven for foodies who like to taste melting cheese in every bite.
  5. Indi Tandoori Paneer: This selection of a veg pizza is perfect when you want something desi on your plate with a twist. A careful combination of zesty grilled tandoori paneer, crispy capsicum, and red paprika, topped with creamy mint mayo and loads of cheese makes this pizza drool worthy. Spice up your day with this fiery pizza alone or share it with your friends to relish your good times with them.
  6. Assorted Chats: Street food vendors are like magicians mixing different spices, chutneys, and savouries in the right quantity and so briskly that you can’t help but feel mesmerized and drawn towards their stall. Even a hardcore meat lover has a weakness for the Indian chats.
  7. Handi Biryani: Biryani is more than just food; it’s an emotion that can’t be replaced! Vegetarians don’t have to feel horrible for missing out on the explosive flavours of biryani. These days restaurants also make super tasty handi dum biryani. The marinated veggies are sauteed with whole spices and then layered with perfectly long-grained basmati rice, seasoned with strands of saffron and rose water, and cooked on a low flame, a technique usually referred to as dum cooking, to allow all the flavors to get infused. Your hunger is sure to find solace in this dish.
  8. Veg Seekh Kebab: Traditionally, seekh kababs are made of chicken or meat, which are grilled in tandoor.  But have you tried the vegetarian version of these kebabs? The meat is replaced with a batter made from cottage cheese, boiled potatoes, carrots, beans, and peas which are then mixed with aromatic spices and then mounted on the long iron rods and grilled on the tandoor. Served with green mint chutney, onions, and lemon this snack should be a must-try the next time you visit a restaurant.

Enjoy these delectable vegetarian alternatives to the most famous non-vegetarian cuisines.