To curb unemployment

Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked various Government departments and ministries to undertake the recruitment of 10 lakh people on a “mission mode” in the coming one and a half years.
This is a huge step by the Government as after the outbreak of COVID-19 the private sector was not able to generate as many employment opportunities as we were all very expecting, due to which the unemployment rate of the country goes on to increase. By doing so the Government takes charge to control the rising rate of unemployment in the country.Also, the time at which the Government unveiled this plan is crucial.
The country will be gearing up for the next general election, expected to be held in April-May in 2024, by the end of 18 months from now. So, the Government will have something solid to counter the opposition’s criticism on the issue of unemployment.
Whether, this step was taken by Government seeing the coming general election or for some other cause, but for sure it is going to help a lot of youth to get employed which in return will also help in strengthening the economy of the country as well.
Akash Kumar
University of Jammu