Maintain Lohan Park Paloura

A beautiful park is established by the JDA Jammu with the help of Horticulture Department at Lohan Park Paloura. People from different areas come there for walk, yoga and exercise while children used to play in the park. Unfortunately, some outside forces managed to open a coffee day outlet in the park itself without obtaining the required permission from the concerned authorities. This has resulted in nuisance and also affected the environment of the beautiful park. There is no caretaker to look after the park and it is getting destroyed day after day. The Walkers Association has been made to understand by the owners of the Coffee Day outlet that it is the Municipal Corporator who has authorized them to open the outlet. For what reasons the Municipal Corporator has allowed to open the outlet are best known to him.
Since the park has been developed by the JDA for the convenience of the public of the adjoining areas for walks, perform yoga and exercise in a good environment away from pollution, it is requested to the authorities concerned to take cognizance of the matter and initiate a required action under rules immediately in order to protect the park. It is further requested to permanently put a security guard and a team of gardeners who can maintain the park. We the Walkers Association will fully cooperate with the authorities in maintaining the park.
Walkers Association