Tips to overcome Overeating

Ayush Bali
Overeating !! one of the main reasons for the global increase in obesity percentage.
Nothing good will ever come out from overeating any food and due to the current pandemic situation hunger pangs are more likely to hit you than ever.
Also, most of the people are satisfying those cravings by eating whatever packaged junk is available at home or even trying to cook unhealthy options. Along with that being at home due to the prevalent situation is leading to overeating out of Boredom.
Consuming junk food for a longer period can overtax your internal system because most of the food which you are going to consume will have loads of sugar, salt, and oil content present in it.
So, during a time like this, you will have to scrupulously eat your meal so that you don’t harm your body.
Well, it depends on the person how he handles his urges but if you still feel that you are not able to control yourself, you can follow the tips given below to help you with those craving.
Incorporate ginger in your daily diet:
Well, we all know that ginger has lots of health benefits and appetite suppressing is one among them. Along with that it also helps in improving your digestion which in turn makes you less hungry.
Drink lots of fluid :
Consume lots of fluid especially water, because studies have shown that if you drink 1-2 glass of water a few minutes before your meal you are likely to consume less food than if you didn’t do it. Also to stay healthy it is necessary to drink at least 2 liters of water daily.
Apart from that, you can also drink green tea and black coffee which are good appetite suppressors and have loads of antioxidants present in them.
Eat protein-rich meals :
Detailed analysis and research have shown that protein-rich foods like egg, meat, cottage cheese, yogurt(curd) can make you feel full for a longer period. So, replacing some carbohydrates with protein can help you control your appetite.
Spice up your food :
By spicing up your meals you can boost your metabolism as well as the feeling of fullness.
Replace your daily snack with fruits :
You should replace your processed snack with nutrient-rich fruits. They will not only provide you tons of nutrients but also will keep you full for a longer period.
Also along with all the things mentioned above you should manage your stress level because a lot of time snacking and binge eating happens when a person is stressed out or exhausted. To overcome that, you can perform some sort of exercise/yoga or even meditation which will help you lower your stress levels, as well as make you feel more energetic.
Another remedy that you can apply to stop your self from frequent snacking is to keep yourself busy. Things like reading books, writing about the things you like, or learning new stuff can help you in keeping your mind engaged.
Following the things given above can stop you from overeating the food which you shouldn’t be eating in the first place.
But, the tips given above will only work if you wholeheartedly try to follow them every day because as quoted, “You will never always be motivated you will have to learn to be disciplined”.
We all know that the world is ill, and we should help it heal by shrinking the bucket of things that we love to do, but compromising your health only because you are not allowed to do some stuff is not an answer.
Always remember, “The greatest wealth you have is your health”.