The price of being a music superfan

Everyone loves to hear their favorite music, especially when it is accessible via online streaming platforms, but have you ever wondered what happens when an average music listener looks forward to being a superfan? What’s the cost incurred? Front row tickets, deluxe editions, signed t-shirts, etc., never come free.

If you are a big fan of BTS, EdSheeran, and Drake, then you must be more aware of spending your money on your love of music than any other music fan. All three have been of the best-calculated music artists across the genres. But do you know what it costs to be one of the greatest fans?

Here are some of the statistics related to the survey for all three music artists:

Drake is the most expensive artist to attend the concert; if fans wanted to see every one of his performances in the UK during the previous five years, they would have had to pay an astounding £12,581.97 ticket costs. The average price of a secondary market ticket to see the superstar’s play live is £405.87.

Ed Sheeran is ranked second for having one of the most expensive tours in the United Kingdom, with a total cost of £9,067.75 for a superfan to attend every one of his 115 concerts over the past five years.

The third most expensive tour in the UK is being carried out by the well-liked boy band BTS. This is because they have only performed in the UK six times over the last five years, and each of those six performances would have cost a superfan £4,073.64 in ticket pricing.

With an average cost of $2,719.36, Metallica’s superfans are the most expensive indie/rock music fans. As a result, Metallica tops the list of the priciest independent/rock artists.

The R&B singer with a tremendous voice, Adele, has been named the one who charges the most for fans to follow them. It costs £4,424.58 for Adele fans to devote their entire lives to the performer. Fans of Adele can expect to shell out an outrageous £548.63 for each resale ticket they buy to see the soulful singer perform songs from her new album, including “Easy On Me.” Superfans who attended every one of Adele’s seven UK concerts over five years may have shelled out £3,840.41 for tickets and souvenirs.


We totaled the individual expenses of the following products for each musical performance to get an idea of how much a Super Fan Starter Pack costs.

  • The average price a musician would pay to digitally download an album from iTunes (using up to ten of the most recent album releases).
  • The cost of the artist’s least-priced 12-inch vinyl album (if available).
  • The average cost of the least costly legally licensed things available for the artist (up to five products).
  • This is the typical cost of a concert ticket for the musician, according to
  • The amount listed on eBay for a piece of art that the artist genuinely autographs

To identify which artists are likely to demand more financial input from their fans, the total values of the Super Fan Starter Packs were sorted and compared.