The Knee Women are Talking About

Manuj Wadhwa
It is said that GOD created everybody differently. This holds true for men and women as well. By nature and by anatomy, WOMEN are different from men. Contrary to popular belief, research indicates that a woman’s knee is not just a smaller version of a Man’s knee, the differences extend to the bones, ligaments and tendons in the joints.
Women can wear men’s clothing and shoes, but most prefer clothing and shoes made for them. So if you need Knee Replacement surgery, it makes perfect sense to design knee implants with women in mind, particularly considering that women are by far the majority of the knee replacement patient population.
As more and more women are coming in for knee replacement surgery, it is becoming apparent that traditional knee replacements, while highly successful in alleviating pain, may not feel or move like their own natural knee. Women’s knees tend to be narrower than a man’s because their pelvis is wider. We at Elite decided to launch a knee that is designed to accommodate those differences and this knee replacement shaped to fit a women’s anatomy.
The new knee Solutions is designed to accommodate those differences- A Female specific knee replacement that is based on an implant with a change in shape that women can call their own. This Knee also can be placed with minimally invasive techniques, so you recover faster, get back on your feet, and do the activities you enjoy sooner. Plus, it can safely accommodate a full range of motion, from standing to deep bending as far as you are able. So you can do everything from gardening to golfing to bending down to pick up your grandkids.” smiles Dr Wadhwa
The crafted gender knee promises an enhanced range of motion and closest fit to the female patients giving them the confidence to do things they always wanted to do. The advances in medical science are not only offering a solution but a solution as close to the natural system possible.
The number of Indian women going in for knee replacement has risen significantly in the past. In India there is a very high prevalence of osteoarthritis in women leading to 75-80% knee replacement surgeries. Most orthopedic surgeons therefore had to make adjustments in the traditional implants available before fitting them into female patients. Generally knee implants have thickness in front which gives a bulky feeling to the patient, and as compared to men, women often feel more pain post knee replacement, longer recovery time and reduced range of motion, he observed. If an implant is fitted incorrectly, it may extend slightly beyond the width of the bone, which can potentially damage the tendons and ligaments around your knee. This could lead to joint pain and an unnatural feeling as you walk.
Today’s implants have been designed to address the contours and dimensions of smaller bone sizing for women and larger for men, offering a more accurate fit and greater opportunities to regain your original range of motion. When an orthopaedic surgeon chooses the right implant for you, he will also consider your individual needs and the types of activity you would like to engage in after knee replacement surgery. ..
It cannot be overemphasized that the best fit produces the best results!
(The author is Chairman and Executive Director, Elite Institute of Orthopeadics and Joint Replacement IVY Hospitals Mohali)