Terror strikes Jammu again

Another set of twin blasts rocked Jammu City and the area chosen by the terrorists is again the Narwal belt, seven persons got injured and luckily nobody lost life this time. Time and again terrorists are making their presence felt in Jammu Division, every time authorities claim the culprits will not be spared but the fact is Sidhara encounter, Sidhara grenade attack, Dhangri in Rajouri and many mysterious blasts at various places are all still unresolved. Who left the IED device in a drain near Jammu Railway station or outside Phallian Mandal police post under Satwari Police Station? Only days back tiffin box IED was found and diffused near GMC Rajouri, again the question who installed it? All these acts of terrorism point to only one thing despite the highest level meeting by none else than the Home Minister himself and assurance of a safe Jammu Division by agencies to him, the foolproof mechanism is still not in place. The situation becomes more serious with the fact that time and again this entire stretch of the national highway from Kunjwani to Nagrota has been the target of the terrorists. Countervailing efforts of those in charge are not working. Depredation by terrorists remains unabated. Far-reaching is the fact that Republic Day is just a few days away and terrorists had again struck despite stringent security measures. The entire belt of this area requires proper sanitising, checking and immediate strengthening of intelligence. Indeed police cannot be deployed at every nook and corner but some mechanism can be put in place to nip these terror elements in the bud itself. There are well-organised clusters of OGWs and UGWs in the vicinity as such all those have to be traced and nabbed. The administration has already asked for all tenants’ information but dabbling efforts are not going to work. A serious plan has to be drawn, all alluding way outs must be discarded now. Proper police verification of every person is the need of the hour, the entire process is onerous but has to be done. Jammu and Kashmir’s Police is a thoroughly professional force and capable of delivering the desired result. Time and again denial of such incidents had been reported as cylinder blasts or mysterious blasts. A proactive approach is the need of the hour. The enemy is on the prowl, looking out for some soft target to strike and cause some major damage.
Terrorism is very much here. They are among us only, they just buy the time, choose the place and strike. It is always better to be alert with proactive measures in place. Our army and foreign policy have already put enough pressure to isolate the enemy on international forums, they are in desperation mode as such looking for ways to make their presence felt. All Corporators along with Bazaar Presidents can be taken into confidence for their cooperation and active participation in decongesting markets, reporting any unwanted suspicious element in their area, get police verification of all outside employees and tenants. It is a collective effort and everyone has to contribute to make Jammu safe. There are too many obvious chink holes in our security apparatus right now, authorities will have to take necessary effective countermeasures, raise the stakes, take them head-on, and let them feel the pinch.