Terror spreading its tentacles across Jammu Division


How could three terror modules succeed in gaining foothold in Jammu and Rajouri districts and how could series of arms consignments from across the border reach their destinations and how come drones mostly succeed in dropping such lethal consignments of arsenal must be clarified by our intelligence and Police authorities . While seven Lashkar-eToiba operatives have been captured comprising three from Jammu and four from Rajouri and the Police personnel deserve a pat on the back, at the same time , the question remains as to how the anti Indian and anti national enemies could reach this ”high” in their nefarious designs so as to have established terror modules and were busy hatching conspiracies and chalking strategies to effect target killings of prominent politicians and religious heads by using silencers fitted pistols . As per police version based on pointed inputs and information gathered , not only was the nefarious plot of disrupting Shree Amarnath pilgrimage by attacking it hatched but to rattle the city with blasts on August 15, the Independence day too was on the agenda of the terrorists. It is , however, a matter of great relief that the conspiracy now stands fully exposed and hence the terror modules smashed . It is equally surprising and astonishing that in the populous area of Talab Khatika in Jammu city , a huge cache of arms and ammunition should be found and seized from a residential house . How it reached there and who in fact are involved in this entire structure of terror module must be fully known. It is likely that there could be more of such houses where arms could have been hidden to be retrieved for and at the time of executing acts of violence .The Drone ”syndrome” has become synonymous with the belligerent neighbour in extreme chicanery and satanic designs and intents and thus employed it as a fastest means to carry consignment of arms from across the border to drop in Indian side which their agents like the apprehended operatives picking up and ferrying up to the militant hideouts. It is really a matter of great concern that there have been as many as 20 such attempts of consignments of arms and explosives dropped by Pakistani drones quite ”successful” from across the border to the extent of ensuring the arsenal reached up to the destinations of militants . It is also a fact that many a time such attempts are thwarted by our security forces and vigilant villagers near the border. Constantly changing the pattern and the strategies of Pakistani sponsored terrorism can be seen just by three things – one dropping arms and explosives through drones near different villages along the International border , two– small arms like pistols now used for acts of violence and top of it being the same fitted with silencers as silencer pistols have been recovered from the arrested militants and three — cash amounting to Rs.80000 to Rs.1 lakh carried by every drone thus circumventing to a larger extent, the impact of going strict on money laundering by the Government which has been a major source of funding terror activities and sustaining the spells of violence and blood spilling in Jammu and Kashmir. A total amount of Rs.25 lakh in genuine Indian currency having reportedly been received through these drones by the arrested terrorists has been confirmed by them though Rs.4-5 lakh in cash has been recovered too. However, the question is as to how long shall the scourge of this proxy war fought against the country by our belligerent neighbour go on continuously on our soil and how long shall it become a ”routine” for our police, security forces and other agencies to witness this satanic bloody ping pong being played all against us by Pakistan in utter disguise? When shall there be an end to reporting with heavy hearts but with indignation, through these columns, death and blood spilling on account of militant violence ? Can there be any such instance in any part of the world by any country to go on enduring this cancer for decades as if a fait accompli, to be honest, is to be answered more by the opposition parties of the country than by the Government. This country cannot carry on with this malaise indefinitely which is not only causing loss of lives both civilian as well as those of the security forces and property as also hampering the process of development but is a drain on the economy being the cost of fighting it out and taking pre-emptive measures . In any case, let it be resolutely reiterated that Jammu division on the whole cannot be allowed to go the Kashmir way , which, therefore, calls for going beyond routine mechanism of fighting the problem of growing tentacles of Pakistan sponsored terrorism very effectively and sternly.