Terror factories still active, waiting for chance: Modi

‘Cong dreaming of killing me’

Deep wound given to terror perpetrators

Sanjeev Pargal
JAMMU, May 1: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today that the Congress has developed such a hatred for him that it was dreaming of killing him even as he maintained that terror factories were working in neighbourhood, a reference towards Pakistan, and they were waiting for a weak Government at the Centre.
In a series of tweets after addressing elections rallies at different places today, the Prime Minister referred to the statement given by a Congress leader that Modi should be delivered such a blow that he gets killed across the border.
“Just think, the Congress had developed such a hatred for Modi that they have started dreaming of killing me,’’ he said.
Sending out a fresh anti-terror message, Modi, without naming Pakistan, said the terrorism factories were active in the neighbourhood and they were waiting for installation of a weak Government at the Centre. He called upon the people not to let this happen (formation of week Government at the Centre) and elect strong Government, which has the capacity and capability to take on the terrorists by striking beyond the boundaries.
He said terrorism is an industry there (in Pakistan) and they are just waiting for a chance (to strike) but added the present Government hasn’t allowed their plans to succeed.
Asserting that the Opposition was soft on terrorism, the Prime Minister said the country can’t let it guard lowered against terrorists.
“We are walking on the track of New India. We don’t hit anybody, but don’t spare those who hit us. Whether the threat is inside our across the border, New India will kill the militants,’’ he said, and described the Opposition as soft on terrorism saying our security agencies used to arrest those helping the terrorists but they used to release them for vote bank politics.
Referring to Sri Lankan blasts and decision of Lanka Government to ban television channel of Zakir Naik, Modi recalled that ‘Diggi Raja’, a reference towards Congress leader Digvijay Singh, used to visit his office and heaps lot of praises on him.
“Congress is trying to prove Zakir Naik as messenger of peace. The country will never forgive the villains, who had supported Naik,’ he said.
Modi said Indian Army soldiers have delivered such a deep wound to perpetrators of terrorism that neither they were able to show it nor hide it.
He reiterated his reference to Congress election manifesto, which says that Army should be withdrawn from Jammu and Kashmir and Armed Force Special Powers Act (AFSPA) diluted.
Recalling the Easter Day blasts across Sri Lanka, he said, “We saw what happened in Sri Lanka. The same situation prevailed in our country before 2014. Can we forget the blast in Ayodhya? There were terrorist attacks on a daily basis.” In the past five years, he asserted, news of such blasts have stopped.
Cautioning people against terrorism, the Prime Minister referred to the oft seen signboards on roads, ‘Savdhani hati, Durghatna ghati (If we lower our guard, there will be a tragedy), and declared, “The game of terrorism is also the same.”
“If the country is safe, our aspirations will be fulfilled,’’ Modi said, adding: “To keep our culture and country safe, you all should press the lotus button’’.
The Prime Minister also said his is the only Government that thinks of the poor.
Modi alleged the parties used 40 crore labourers as their vote  bank by dividing them for “themselves and their family gains”.
Seeking to strike an emotional chord with the voters, Modi said, “No chaiwala, cart puller or vegetable vendor wants his ward to take up his profession. Our government in the past five years worked to make their life better and easy.”
Highlighting schemes like Ayushman Bharat and pension for poor among others, Modi said, “Our government is concerned for the poor. I have realised the pain of the poor, understood their hardships and felt the trouble.”