Tabligi Jamaat

This refers to article Tabligi Jamaat : Dawah to Coranovirus by K N Pandita (DE 9.4.2020). The views expressed by Mr Pandita are bit confusing. In his writeup Mr Pandita quotes some veteran think-tanks and institutions which say Tabligi Jamaat is a non violent organisation which has no political ambitions and even Taliban and pro Jehadi groups don’t like their style of working. On the other hand author in the same article says Tabligi Jamaat provides men for groups like Al Qeada and many top Army officers in Pakistan are TJ’s members.
This is confusing and not at all correct. The fact of the matter is that Tabligi Jamaat is a Non Political religious group which offers no official membership. There is not even an Membership Form. The group works within Muslims and focuses on spiritual change and is not involved in religious Conversions like many other Islamic and Christian groups across world and that is why it has never been involved in any controversies . This Jamaat has neither a website nor a flag or a banner. The people who run the affairs of TJ never face media and try to remain aloof. These are the people with Sufi style of working.
As for as spread of COVID 19 is considered, the members of Tabligi Jamaat should be questioned thoroughly as to why they held the meeting of 1000 people or more around 22nd or 23rd of March and people had been staying in its Central office (Markaz) post March 25th as well. On the other hand Delhi Government officers like local District Magistrate and SDM should also be questioned as to why they didn’t enforce the order of Delhi Government dated 13th March directing a ban on all public meetings and conferences having 200 or more members. Isn’t it true that Delhi Metro was running until March 25th ? Isn’t it true that Tirupati Balaji temple was open until March 19th ? COVID 19 became a problem all of a sudden after March 22 when Janta Curfew was announced. Who did Foreign Tabligi Jamaat members gave permission ? Did they cross border , No , they had a valid VISA. The fault is of Immigration officials at airports who didn’t send them to Quarantine centers ?
Why didn’t Police came and stop the meeting on March 22nd or 23rd at Tabligi Markaz Nizamudin when Janta Curfew was announced ? or why didn’t Media came and did a live programme from March 22nd to 25th from outside the Markaz building highlighting such a big gathering ? Doing mudslinging after everything has happened and targeting Muslim community for this is not at all acceptable
Raashed Ashraf
Kralpora Srinagar