Infodemic Vs Pandemic

Recently I got an opportunity to hear the recording of a Webinar on the topic : Fake COVID 19 news websites and Apps, Awareness and Safeguards. “The bottom line of the whole discussion was to be part of a postivity approach in this global crisis than to multiply the Corona threat by spreading the fake news and rumours around on the social media, a menace which has created a fear psychosis among people and compounded the problem in the world . Let no one die before death on account of fear only .
“The gravity of this menace has attained such a high proportion that it can very well gauged from this strong worded message of Director General of World Health Organisation (WHO) that ” infodemic of fake news is as dangerous as the COVID 19 Pandemic itself. Let’s respond to this message with all sincerity and seriousness. ““ Kristen Lee, a behavioural science professor at North Eastern university in Boston says that ” sometimes a crises can give us a lot of fear but it can also prompt us to think better by using our skills , resources and capabilities to contribute to the betterment of society. That really is known to elevate and protect our well being through times of difficulty”. “Fact remains that We are in times of unprecedented crisis . It was destined for us to be witness of it on planet earth . Just by our wailings it’s not going to end . We have simply to wait and manage this melancholic moments of the world history, coupled with taking all those precautionary measures being recommended by the world experts and Government agencies . “Let’s try to lessen gravity of the crises by atleast not spreading rumours and fears especially on social media , a threat which has been felt so seriously by WHO and conveyed to the world forums by its director general . Let’s first check source of any such news, post or video before it’s to be transmitted to others.
Let’s use this compelled qurantine period for better planning , help , assistance and proper counselling of others , encouraging and praying for our front warriors who are fighting epidemic to save the humanity. Let’s pen our thoughts and read interesting books to broaden our mental vistas , to give chance to any sort of creativity to grow coupled with self introspection . And Finally to seek mercy of God Almighty – the most benevolent, the most merciful . “Let’s wish and hope the period of gloom to end soon and world to bloom again with peace, progress and prosperity.
Tahir Khurshid Raina


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