Suicide Cases on upward curve

There’s an upward swing in the cases of suicide by students. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for college students. Approximately 1,100 suicides on college campuses are reported every year. Recently, 3 students preparing for competitive exams in Kota, Rajasthan were found dead. Two of whom hanged themselves from ceiling fans in their PG rooms. The third aspirant consumed a poisonous substance in his hostel room. The high amount of pressure in selecting career choices is the main reason for suicides in students.Many students quit up and are compelled to turn to something as terrible as suicide due to the pressure to get into prestigious institutions and the consistently high cut-offs.
The causes of a sizable majority of student suicide occurrences are unclear. Could this be a result of the victim not feeling safe sharing their worries, even one final time? Why did they decide to endure their pain in silence?It is important that parents and teachers start making an effort to understand the caliber and the abilities of their children.Simply putting pressure on them and blaming them for their subpar academic achievement will only make their problems worse. They will feel alone and forced to suffer in silence as a result of this. Stress and loneliness can gradually cause depression in people.
Vanshi Dogra