Sub-standard medicines

Jammu and Kashmir Medical Supplies Corporation Limited(JKMSCL) has been found supplying sub-standard and poisonous drugs to the Indian System of Medicines (ISM) and thank God at least the officials have taken the ‘trouble’ to call upon for stopping usage thereof.
Heavy metals beyond permissible levels in the supplied drugs were found and being sub-standard too were the causes for the concerned officers asking these not to be used. It is believed that such low level quality medicines were routinely supplied for years together without any action by the Government against those responsible for such deliberate acts have only encouraged the continuance of such an anti people practice. Those companies which have been manufacturing these drugs need to be blacklisted and further action taken against them commensurate with how much of violations of the basic norms had been made.
It is shocking that the Vigilance Organisation (Anti Corruption Bureau) and Health and Medical Education Department have been found shielding and encouraging those officials who were responsible for indulging in such practices. It looks unbelievably strange that the FIRs registered with the Vigilance Organisation, instead of initiating criminal proceedings kept on buying time to save the erring officials. The details of the officers involved in the scam have already been published in the news report by ‘Excelsior’ and it is expected that criminal proceedings would be initiated against them as early as possible.