Christchurch terror attack

In an incident of its first kind, a mass shooting at two mosques left 49 people dead leaving the New Zealand authorities as well as the world community shocked. The victims had collected to offer their prayers. One person has been charged while three others have been detained and some explosive devices too were defused by the authorities. The attack was meticulously planned, the killer live streamed the attack from a camera placed angularly on his head which in most of terror cases, is what the terrorists do quite sadistically.
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern termed the killing as extraordinary and unprecedented act of violence. She acknowledged that besides those killed, there were more than 20 seriously wounded. Though many described the attack as a pure racist attack, Ardern described it as a clear terrorist attack. It is noteworthy that none from the arrested were on the watch list of the authorities and the element of surprise in the attack makes it macabre and ghastly. The gunman is reported to have returned to his car to get another gun to carry out his horrendous act at both the places. He is reported to have carried the shootout all by himself and no group had claimed responsibility. New Zealand is considered very peaceful and otherwise known to be refugee friendly and the country boasts of increasing its annual ‘quota’ of immigrants and refugees. The way the terror act was executed leaves no scope for any complacency or any immunity anywhere in the world from this growing cancer of terror and extremism.
That an 28 years old Australian who claimed to be ‘white’ and racist can resort to such an inhuman and savage act in frustration and anger against migrants or refugees vindicates the stand that terrorists have no other objective expect to spread fear and disturbances wherever they get an opportunity or a flawed cause to espouse and advocate and therefore should be dealt with ruthlessly. They really need not and should not get any sort of concession or any considerations for protecting human rights as they have no respect or regard even scant one, for human rights. That is perhaps why Prime Minister Andren declared that the ones with extremist views like the killers had no place to live in New Zealand and that should be the policy of each and every Government in the world. No country should pamper, encourage, sponsor and extend any type of support overtly or covertly to extremists and terrorists.
There can be no country in the world as grieved as India over this senseless killing in the frenzy of terror outburst as this country has been suffering on this count and has been reeling under terrorism for over three decades. Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his deep shock and sadness at the terror attacks and stressed India’s strong condemnation of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations and all of those who support such acts of violence.