Story of Sedmol

Adarsh Ajit

Name of the book : Sedmol And His Miracles
Author : Bushan Malmohi

Bushan Malmohi is a retired bank officer. He has four books, viz, Inner Voice, Surging Emotions, Chasing Shadows, and Wandering Thoughts at his back. Malmohi gives a biographical sketch of Sedmol. While composing the book he has worked hard, consulted many and burnt midnight oil. He deserves accolades for his efforts for bringing out the unknown miracles of Saint Sedmol (Shri Ved Lal Jee) to the light of general readers though in his lifetime it is believed that Sedmol was against any type of exposure, advertisement or publicity. The author pays obeisance to Sedmol in three page poetic outflow in the beginning. Moti Lal Bhat in his foreword terms Malmohi’s Sedmol And His Miracles a masterpiece work. But the book has also many flaws regarding technicality, language, spellings, and in researching levels and above all editing, awfully needed, is totally ignored.
But such type of criticism does not stop Bushan Malmohi from storing plus points in his bag. The book also gives the impression that Malmohi has knowledge in historical, philosophical, religious, traditional, and medical spheres also.
There are conflicting views regarding the date of birth of Sedmol but the majority believe that he was born in 1902 in Peth Hangiwara. He had grasp over Urdu, Persian and other languages. He was married to Smt. Gunawati (Mata Ji). Malmohi has explored the family tree of Sedmol with Swamin- atreya gotra. Sedmol liked kehwa. He forbade taking eggs, onion, chicken, tomato and garlic. He was fond of playing kabbadi in his childhood. It is said that Swami Nand Lal Jee initiated him into the sainthood. Besides other symbols of faith, Sedmol was the ardent devotee of Raginya Bhagwati and never discriminated rich or poor, related or unrelated. Sedmol strictly adhered to the established traditional and religious legacy. Sedmol attained nirvana on October 31, 1985. Malmohi uses the word ‘nirvikalpa’ for Sedmol’s mundane adieu.
Sedmol gives a job to a youth according to his wishes. Bansi Lal Bhat suffering from facial paralysis is cured. Sedmol takes a bath even when he is suffering from pneumonia. His blessings perform miracles through vibhuti. He cures ulcerative duodenitis of the wife of S N Bhat. He cures pleurisy of a patient. He gives a new lease of life to many. Even dreaded malignancy of one is cured. He grants REC seat to a needy. It is amazing that Sedmol changes the direction of bullet shots in the tribal invasion of 1947. Correcting stomach trouble, curing nose bleeding and cardiac problems, flushing of kidney stone, solving domestic problems, and curing leprosy are some of his miracles. Besides Sedmol sets right stammering of a child. His prophecy proves right. He saves many by putting out the fire. The story of a tongawala is interesting. Tonga develops a technical snag. Some parts of the wheel are broken. The night is approaching. Sedmol is smiling. He asks tongawala to get a chiselled stick and strike it inside. The tonga plies without any jerk. Sedmol also helps many needy persons through the dreams. ‘You would be wonder struck to know that the sphere of Sedmol’s miracles continued even after he attained emancipation,’ says Bushan Malmohi.
In 1964, Sedmol fastens some cloth round the eyes of a boy. He has no hope of regaining his eyesight. His parents are disappointed. He is from Kupwara. Sed-Bub (Sedmol) tells him to unknot the cloth in the home. While unknotting the cloth in home the boy regains his eyesight. In yet another miraculous episode Dr. Puran Raina, a well-known paediatrician at that time, is treating a girl child suffering from carnivorous leukaemia. Sedmol gives some ashes to her. She besmears the ashes given to her by Sedmol. The girl recovers. Dr. Puran Raina is amazed to observe it.
The exodus of Kashmiri Pandits in 1990 was predicted by Sedmol in 1971 by telling that only handful of Pandits will remain in Kashmir. Appreciations are due to Bushan Malmohi for bringing out the miracles of Sedmol for the readers in common and for the believers of Sedmol in particular. Hope the second edition of the book will be more attractive with less scope of any type of criticism.