Stop illegal extraction of stones

Let me invite the attention of concerned authorities towards illegal extraction of stones and other earth material by the owners of stone crushers installed in the basin river Minawer in the twin villages of Chakjaralan and Bagnoti in tehsil Nowshera (Rajouri).As per norms the stone crushers are not allowed to extract stones and other earth material from near the water sources.But the norms are not followed by  the owners of these crushers.They extract the earth material from extreme depths by means of JSBs. Consequently, the water table has gone down and the dugwell of PHE department have started drying up.
Consequently, there has developed shortage of drinking water in the area.The concerned authorities seem to be sleeping while as the public is suffering badly for want of drinking water.Besides, these crushers are also promoting environmental pollution and soil erosion which needs to be checked at all costs.
Hence, the concerned authorities are urged to take due cognizance of the matter and also to take appropriate steps to restore water supply to all the people of the area.
Yours etc….
OP Sharma
Bagnoti (Nowshera)