Stop humiliation of Outstanding Sports Persons

At the outset, let sports not be treated as something of a hobby , a means of momentary entertainment or just an ordinary routine occasional exercise. The moment we recognise it as an inalienable element of Human Resources Development strategy, sports and allied matters shall receive prioritised attention and the added advantage that of adequate potential being there in Jammu and Kashmir, was going to make things easier to achieve in the sports field. Hence if it is analysed as to whether reasonably enough is being done to promote sports in various forms in Jammu and Kashmir, providing of some added and duly renovated existing infrastructure notwithstanding, we feel to have our fingers crossed. One of such measures is providing jobs and allied opportunities to those sportspersons who showed their performance on account of putting in their best and even in the absence of the required quality coaching and other support. There are Rules guiding for that made way back in 1998 and a revision sought therein has remained on papers only.
Many existing Rules, by virtue of tremendous changes taking place all around and the dawn of performance amidst competition getting brighter , demand a revision or a review of some of the rules even initiating of measures to have some rescinded and replaced by fresh ones . We can term such initiative as making adjustments to arm the Government to bring in flexibility in order to promote sports and provide opportunities befitting the type of hardworking sportspersons . For that matter, nearly six months ago a committee of senior bureaucrats was formed and assigned the duties of looking into the feasibility of revising and reviewing the existing Jammu and Kashmir Appointment of Outstanding Sports Persons Rules 1998 in a period of 30 days considered by all counts quite sufficient. The report is nowhere to be seen , heard about let alone submitted to the Government for proceeding ahead . That approach verily and amply depicts a sort of non-seriousness about matters related to sports.
Last year in early April, the Government of Jammu and Kashmir made an amendment in the existing rules concerning outstanding sportspersons by adding five more sports disciplines to the list for purposes of providing jobs to them but the moot question is as to how many were appointed. In this part of the country , unfortunately the culture to have more of Committees constituted to look into even routine matters and to submit recommendations, is perhaps a mode to keep things in prolonged and deferred status as, generally speaking , never has any Committee submitted its report just in time to enable the Government take suitable action. What we feel is that the way last year in April an amendment was made in the Rules governing appointment of outstanding sports persons , in the same way the desired changes /revision or whatever of the nature, could have been done by the Lieutenant Governor exercising his relevant powers.
Decisions must be taken fast and to make them acquire credentials of mass acceptability , in consultation with the stake holders and the experts, rather than leaving them to the whims of a committee of bureaucrats. That is necessitated looking to the levels of frustration in such sportspersons who did show their excellent performance but are not provided with Government jobs thus stonewalling the generation of the required enthusiasm and zeal to become a sportsperson to make it not an avocation but a career to earn a respectable livelihood as well. In Olympic games and Paralympics this year outstanding performance of our athletes not only shows at the Central Governmental levels but more at State levels, the encouragement, support, infrastructural facilities and the like provided with regular monitoring and each of such state or the Union Territory from where these athletes earned eligibility to participate in games and bring honours to the country, have been rewarded beyond their expectations in addition to getting jobs. Most of our Sports persons having even shared their concerns with the Lt. Governor in person which led to formation of the said committee but despite a wait of six months, nothing concrete is seen having been done . Youth Services and Sports Department and Sports council must live up to their aim and objective by taking more concerted steps in the form of coordination and follow up with the concerned authorities to address the issues of appointment of outstanding sportspersons by arranging ”revision” of the requisite Rules.