Sticky lombs

The recent incidents of blast in a bus at Srinagar using sticky bombs as well as drone dropping of these bombs at Samba indicates the pattern of operation of these Pak sponsored terrorists. These sticky bombs have been extensively used in Afghanistan to deadly affect therefore the need for both the security forces & the public to be sensitized about the dangers and counter measures.
A Sticky bomb is an explosive device, generally an improvised explosive device which can be stuck to a vehicle using magnets.
These are extremely dangerous and easy to deploy for the terrorists, at the same time difficult to detect both for the security forces and the general public given the high density of traffic all over.
There is no tool available to the common man to prevent and detect a sticky bomb, and therefore the need for constant physical inspection every time vehicle is driven or after having been parked at a public place unattended for some period of time.
The security forces need to be provided with laser 3D scanning technology to scan the bottom or chasis of the vehicles for sticky bomb detection. This 3D laser scanning of the bottom of the vehicle forms a 3 D initial model and stores it in the system memory, and later when remotely activated the system rescans the surface for any changes to the tampers and sets of an alarm on detecting the changes to the tampers .This is an extremely effective technology against sticky bombs, but imagine its use in times of such high density traffic.
Educate the environment about the possibility and dangers of sticky bombs.
Local authorities to ensure parking only in designated areas ,in no way along the road specially in high density population areas.
The designated parking areas to have round the clock physical security.
Constant cctv monitoring of the designated parking area.
Due to lack of designated parking areas people park their vehicles in nearby residential areas and proceed for work for the day which should not be permitted.
As far as possible do not leave the vehicle unattended.
Col Vikram Bhasin