Psychology in Schools

Every day we get to know that stress, depression, anxiety and other related psychological problems are on the increase among the young, adult and senior citizen’s population around us. Psychological support is the need of an hour to reduce and mitigate the prevalent incidence of the mental health issues by professionally qualified man power. But there is a question that for resolving such issues, how many treatment programs, mental health specialists, counselors, psychology teachers and lecturers have been recruited and appointed in the higher education department?
As per our observations, there has been no fresh recruitment of persons trained in psychology since the year 2018 in the higher education and allied departments. Surprisingly during this year and the last year also, there was not even a single post of teaching faculty advertised in psychology subject. I don’t know why such and discrimination exists towards the psychology discipline. There are number of students, scholars who have completed their degrees in the field of psychology and are waiting to flourish their future in the respective field. But if there is no recruitment and scope underlying the study of psychology, then there is no fun of doing so much hardwork by qualifying SET, NET, & PhD degrees in the relevant subject and the students will be de-motivated to study this subject in future.
On one side, Government envisages that there must be a holistic development of an individual considering his physical, mental and psychological wellbeing. For physical development the doctors & other medical practitioners are being appointed all over the year but why there is no equal opportunity given to the psychology students too.
On behalf of all the students, scholars and field relevant people of psychology, I want to request the Government of Jammu and Kashmir (UT) to kindly look into this matter for ensuring the equilibrium & maintaining the proportionate ratio among all the disciplines because if such thing will remains constant, then nobody will opt psychology for higher studies due to such situation, where psychology is not given due preference as other subjects are.
Vishal Dogra
University of Jammu