Starving PDD disabled daily wager

Apathy galore, sheer insensitivity towards a man in distress and listlessness of those for obeying of orders of whom, a daily wager of the Power Development Department lost both of his upper limbs, middle aged Sham Lal is in a pitiable condition. Hope, humanity is still respected, if not on the basis of relevant laws and procedures but on humanitarian grounds, Sham Lal does not deserve to be a miserable destitute and face starvation while the authorities of the PDD look towards the other side.
Hailing from Kunjwani, Sham Lal while working on a live power line in Gangyal in 2012, encountered a mishap and was rendered incapacitated for whole of his life. All what the “kind and just” authorities in the Government did, was paying to him a paltry amount of Rs. one lac in all while so far, he has spent more than Rs.7 lacs on his treatment in Jammu and Ludhiana where his limbs had to be amputated. Not only has the family been deprived of the lone bread earner but Sham Lal is totally dependent on his wife and three children. He even cannot by himself eat or drink or even change clothes. His wife, having with great difficulty been engaged as class IV employee in the PDD, has not been given any salary for the last 18 months forcing her to do menial jobs in neighbouring houses to earn bread while their children have left their studies.
Who engaged him as a daily wager? Was he imparted the requisite training to “play “with live electric wires? Was he provided with the necessary insulating cover of his body in order to undertake such risky job? Are daily wagers engaged just treating them as no human beings as in the event of such a mishap as encountered by Sham Lal and in the event of getting incapacitated, is the system so much rotten so as to leave him to fend for himself? His condition is stirring right into the face of the PDD authorities and the Government and he must get justice.