Start recruitment for border battalions

Sanctioned by the Ministry of Home Affairs, funded and supported by the Union Government, the State Government has done nothing so far in respect of making the process of recruitment for two border battalions of Police, one each for Jammu and Kashmir and since one complete year has been fritted away, the urgency and the seriousness accorded to it by the Union Government has thus been trivialised. The decision to raise these battalions is brimming and is laden with benefitting large number of youth residing near the International Border and the Line of Control. It is hard to comprehend as to what keeps the concerned authorities from starting the process. ‘Excelsior’ has carried through these columns twice, the nuts and bolts of the subject matter , once about the entire scheme including the sanction accorded and the second time voiced concern about the symptoms of delay and lethargy crept into the proposition of benefitting the border dwellers.
If thousands of aspiring youth of the borders feel virtually waylaid by the State Administration for the delaying tactics adopted by it , they are to a larger extent justified. If we say that even the elementary or the preparatory efforts have not been taken by the Police Headquarters till date, it will not be any amplification or colouring. 2014 posts mean at least ten times as many aspirants waiting beyond endurance and that fact is conveniently neglected by Police authorities and others in the administration with whom proper consultations were held prior to sanctioning of raising two battalions of police. Have the formalities required for the proposal not been completed as yet? Are the guidelines lineated by the Union Ministry found to be somewhat difficult for implementation ?Are the eligibility criteria in conflict with availability ? Is the limit fixed by the Union Ministry in terms of distance within the radius of the borders any problem requiring amendments?
These are certain doubts and apprehensions sprouting from the fact that one full year saw nothing happening practically in the matter.After all, when shall that day finally dawn upon the horizons of the State Administration when notice or intimation about the recruitment and inviting of applications for the posts be made and about the agency or about the vendor for conducting transparent recruitment process for these two battalions. It is believed that in spite of the State Administrative Council having decided about the deadline and that even having elapsed , the entire proposition has turned into nothing less than a riddle. Inviting applications , their scrutiny, conducting physical endurance tests, written test and the like required for the recruitment seems a “long process” for the State Administration which only denotes the way and the culture of taking decisions and such a manner as exhibited in it resulting in wastage of nearly one year. That perhaps means nothing in the state which is a matter of concern.
The recruitment has to be strictly from those eligible youth who are living in a periphery of 0 to 10 kilometres from the LoC and the IB and should also equally be divided among the ten border districts of Jammu and Kashmir. Either this criteria is “coming in the way” or some conspicuous ” wait” could be the reason leading to evasive and dillydallying tactics unfortunately adopted in the subject matter , the fears of which need to be allayed at the earliest.