Cracks in bunkers

Normally, the very sense or feel of a bunker generally is a sturdy , robust and a rugged structure , strong enough to withstand pressures and strikes and provide security to the one taking shelter in it and for that very purpose , bunkers for our border dwellers are built. They assume importance vis-a vis providing security to inhabitants when the enemy from across the border indulges in unprovoked firing and shelling, very often targeting the civilian population. It looks strange that many bunkers even in construction stage should develop cracks.
Such a situation has recently been witnessed in border belt of Samba district where besides cracks , even seepage of water has been the fate of bunkers in village Sadda Chak in Rajpura area which has resulted in resentment among the inhabitants of borders there. It indicates that sub-standard material has been used coupled with poor masonry for which the authorities of the PWD must own responsibility and fix one too. Why should accepted standards and quality of construction even of such sensitive and critical nature be compromised, is the point at issue.
It hardly needs to be emphasised that these bunkers must of such quality so as to provide complete cover from the enemy attack and in addition to that, give a psychological assurance to inmates of being in safe confines . We trust such cracked bunkers would be rebuilt and handed over to the concerned people only after subjecting each and every bunker to standardised tests in order to rule out any possibility of them proving to be otherwise.