Standardisation of documents for passport application soon

NEW DELHI, June 23:
The Ministry of External Affairs will soon introduce standardisation of documents to be  submitted with application for passport to save the public  from inconvenience.
Additional Secretary, Consular Passport and Visa, BK  Gupta, said here that at present the requirement of the  number and nature of documents varied from state to state,  which was causing unnecessary inconvenience to the people.
“Within two to three weeks, we are going to set up  norms and issue guidelines to all regional passport  offices,” he said while replying to questions at a media  briefing about the response to today’s passport fairs held  at seven passport offices and 30 passport seva kedndras  across the country.
These fairs arranged for on Saturdays and Sundays are  aimed at clearing what the Ministry called the  “unprecedented” rush for passport in the current season.
Mr Gupta said the passport department was preparing a  manual for training of staff so as to make the public aware  of the exact nature and number of documents to be  submitted.
He said there has been very good response to the fair  held today.
These fairs are being held in passport offices and  Passport Seva Kendras under the jurisdiction of Delhi,  Ghaziabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Lucknow and  Amritisar.
“If needed we would hold these fairs in West Bengal  also,” Mr Gupta said, replying to a question.
The application for all passport related services  other than tatkal will be accepted during the Passport  fairs.
The process has been made as simple as possible.  The requirement of taking online appointment and obtaining biometrics of the applicant except the digitised photograph  has been done away with as a special case for the two  days, Mr Gupta said.
He said last year seven million passport were issued  and this year there has been an increase of 15 per cent.
At present about 50 million people in the country were  holding passport.
“We are training our staff to the maximum along with  the our service providers the Tata Consultancy Services to  provide the most advanced passport services,” Mr Gupta  added.