Speaker releases book on Hindu Shrines of Kashmir

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Book on Hindu Shrines of Kashmir being released at Jammu on Sunday.  -Excelsior/Rakesh
Book on Hindu Shrines of Kashmir being released at Jammu on Sunday. -Excelsior/Rakesh

JAMMU, Apr 19: Speaker Legislative Assembly,  Kavinder Gupta  released the book titled Hindu Shrines of Kashmir carrying the list of Hindu Temples of the Valley at a function here today.
The function was presided by the noted community thinker Dr K L Choudhary, while Swami Kumarji,  Surendar Ambardar MLC and Dr R L Bhat, the author, and Dr A N Pandit, President PPNBMT adorned the presidium.
In his address Kavinder Gupta said it is the endeavour of BJP to pass the Bill. He while referring the book termed it a great contribution. He said books are treasures and they are to be preserved for posterity.
He also recalled the services of great community leaders like Tika Lal Taploo, Pt Prem Nath Bhat, Amarnath Vaishnavi and H L Chatta saying they throughout their life struggled for strengthening nationalist forces in the State.
He said it was after a long time that those people came to power in the State who are very much concerned for the nationalist people and maintained when nationalist forces are strong the nation itself will be strong.
In his address Surnder Ambardar said that entire KP community is concerned that the Hindu temples and shrines be preserved in Valley and he assured the community that in next session of the Legislature the Bill will be tabled for passage. He sought support of all in its passage.
He said “we all have to work to link the ancient civilization of Kashmir to its roots and for this we have to work collectively”. Ambardar said in this long struggle the victory will be of the community at last.
He said on the return and rehabilitation of KPs Chief Minister, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed  is on the same page with Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and we will talk with civil society of Kashmir and not separatists on the issue.
Dr K L Choudhary said the book is the authentic list of Hindu Shrines in Kashmir and earlier the list framed by Revenue Department was short of reality. He said the Trust took onus to itself and farmed the list and later it was published in a book form.
He also lauded the role of all those who framed the list and helped in its compilation to Dr R L Bhat. He said it is not a single handed work but the team work. He said it is a continuous process like the Raj Tarangni written by Kalhan Pandit and others can take the research forward.
Swami Kumar Ji while eulogizing the contribution of the Trust said that all shrines and temples in Kashmir belong to Sanatan Dharam and there should be no dispute in this regard. He also made a dig at separatists and anti national elements opposing rehabilitation of Pandits in Valley and also condemned the role of Swami Agnivesh in this regard
Dr. R. L. Bhat , spokesperson of Trust who has written and compiled the book  with inputs from  other social activists including Dr Ramesh Bhat said the Hindu Shrines of Kashmir is a historical document of the temple heritage of Kashmir Valley. It contains District, Tehsil and Village-wise lists of over 1400 Temples, Shrines, Sacred Springs, Dharmashallas and other Hindu Holy places, religious properties and lands. The book lists 975 temples and shrines and other 428 places of religious significance, spread over 647 villages, mohallas and other locations in the 10 districts of the Valley.
Hindu Shrines of Kashmir is also a collation of the historical record of the temple heritage of Kashmir. It gives the names of shrines listed in the Sanskrit histories and the details of destruction and desecration of the temples and shrines, at the hands of sultaans and fanatics given in the first 4 Persian taariikhs of Kashmir.
The book Hindu Shrines of Kashmir identifies 347 places holy to Hindus of Kashmir that have been destroyed, seriously damaged, vandalized or otherwise occupied and desecrated by public and the Government agencies.
Pradeep Koul Khodbali conducted the proceedings while president of the Trust Dr A N Pandita made the welcome address.


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