Sonia writes to PM on fuel prices

NEW DELHI, Feb 21: Writing to Prime Minister Narendra Modi over “spiralling” fuel and gas prices, Congress chief Sonia Gandhi today accused the Government of “profiteering” off “people’s misery” and demanded a rollback of the increase in prices.
In a letter to Modi, she said the truth is that as GDP “nosedives”, the prices of gas, diesel and petrol continue to rise unchecked.
“I write to you to convey every citizen’s anguish and deep distress regarding the spiralling fuel and gas prices. On one hand, India is witnessing systematic erosion of jobs, wages and household income. The middle class and those at the margins of our society are struggling. These challenges have been compounded by runaway inflation and an unprecedented rise in price of almost all household items and essential commodities,” the Congress chief said.
“Sadly, in these distressing times, the Government has chosen to profiteer off people’s misery and suffering,” Gandhi said. (PTI)