Soil conservation

Human beings can express their pains, but soil can’t………
Yes, if a person gets fever, he can ask to a doctor and can take medicines. What about soil? We have progressed a lot but in return, we have caused a lot of disturbances in the soil. That soil which is generally known as the “Source of Infinite Life”. Due to the excessive and overuse of fertilizers, pesticides and other harmful chemicals, soil has been degraded to a large extent. Farmers use these chemicals without knowing their proper dose which is to be added in the soil during time of application. It directly affects the soil fertility, microbial population and other physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil. But think that the soil is still absorbing every type of toxic chemicals. Without its proper care, a time will come when this soil will act as a source rather than a sink. So, its conservation is necessary for survival. We should take measures to prevent the soil from its deterioration. Now a days, farmers usually go for chemical fertilizers for early responses, but this practice is unhealthy for our soil. So, combination of organics like farm yard manure, compost etc. can be used along with inorganics in order to maintain its health. Alongwith this, growing of more and more trees is also a best option for soil conservation.
Soil cannot ask to save itself but it is the duty of ours to prevent the soil from its degradation. Imagine what will happen, if we sow the seeds and there will be no response from the soil instead of adding all inputs? Do we realize we cannot eat money?
Preeti Sharma
Division of Agronomy