Sociology of health education

There is a very close relationship between health and Society. Once upon a time health was considered as a condition of absence of diseases in the body. And disease was considered to be an abnormality caused by a pathogen and/or some evil spirits. But with the passage of time and as a result of research and development this concept of health has totally changed and now WHO has given a very broad definition of health. Accordingly, health has been defined as a complete well being including physical, mental, spiritual and social and emotional dimensions of a person.
It implies that mere absence of diseases in the body doesn’t indicate a good health of a person. A healthy person should have a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy spiritual, social and emotional thought and relations with the society. Besides it is also necessary that the society should also be healthy in terms of healthy environment.
As per studies, there is a very close relationship between health and society. A number of diseases and disorders are caused due to unhealthy foods, unhealthy habits and unhealthy socio-economic conditions in our society. We can’t remain healthy merely by taking some pills and syrups only. These medicines even add to our health problems due to their side-effects. We can attain health and remain healthy by means proper health education only. This is also referred to as sociology of health education. I would like to suggest that the health education department should play its proper role in providing health education to all so we could have a healthy nation.
O P Sharma
Bagnoti Nowshera