Simplifying language of revenue records

Those traditions , conventions and ‘specialities’ which were in fact not only impediments in smooth and hassle free functioning of the system but were generating the scourge of corruption , delays , monopoly and dependability needed to be discarded sooner than later. We are familiar with the revenue system, the language , the twisted terms , the style of writing , the wilfully made intricacies in narrations and documents which are alien to ordinary people who cannot understand the same easily. Why cannot this language of documents be deciphered or demystified once for all and what is the rationale of making it wilfully complicated unless this trend of decades in a row, passed from one layer of personnel to the other, was not kept alive mainly for sprouting corruption and even frauds. Those cryptic and archaic terms and words in revenue documents , ‘fards’ and other papers were replete with corrupting and corroding the system, the fact fully known to the Government.
It was high time the State Government did a complete overhaul in the Revenue Department , about which ‘Excelsior’ based on pinpointed instances, has through these lines, been voicing concern from time to time and to start with, the proposal for making the revenue language and interpretation thereof simple and understandable must be looked into by the Government and action initiated on top priority. The Revenue Department too must fall in line with the system of writing languages, numerals and terms the way done in Judiciary and other State departments. Those who seek revenue papers after a lot of “hard toil” in the department carry the ones in hands without knowing what had been written therein , even the numerals appear all Greek which seems ludicrous , if not utterly disgusting.