Inner Voice

Abhinandan : The Intrepid One

Abhinandan, thou intrepid one
Pride and glory of the nation
You ground to dust, the arrogant, scheming enemy’s belligerence and double-talk Single-handed, like Achilles wreaking havoc on the Trojans, you downed a far powerful and advanced enemy bomber with your Mig Bison.
A quirk of fate made you to land in enemy territory.
Though captured and subject to verbal and physical abuse, even sought to be made a pharmakos,
thy perseverance, cool, calm, and composed composure, negated the brain- washing antics of Beelzebub’s cohorts.
They tried every trick, every resolve and tactics, to extract classified information from you, sans any success.
Detained thee for long hours, without rhyme or reason, to make thee utter encomiums vis-a vis the enemy’s hospitality and corteous behaviour.
A total travesty of truth, how could you, a valiant son of Bharat do it ? Rock-like, you stood firm, the Pak Army officers realized the futility of their satanic manoeuvres,
and eventually, released thee, to make thee set foot on thy motherland.
Thy countrymen, soaked in ecstasy and jubiliation, waited hours, patience personified, to welcome thee back to thy Homeland !
At last, the battle-scarred hero, bruised, battered, wounded by hordes of animalistic rapscallions, returned to the arms of Bharat-Mata !
Thy countrymen saluted thy parents, who begot a son like you. You have become a living legend, an ever-lasting inspiration to motivate and produce futuristic Abhinandans ! God, bless thee, ever and ever !

Prof K B Razdan

Our mother earth

Earth is our mother, salute her,
take care of it, don’t pollute her.
I’ve heard somewhere about peace.
But, I don’t think humans
have got qualities like these.
They are fighting each other
in this beautiful world .
Humans don’t deserve to be
called as learned.
I think the earth was made
for all beings.
Do they think it was made
just for human beings?
Humans are hunting animals with their gun.
Do they think it’s all for fun?
They are cutting our
oxygen giver- our tree.
Do humans think trees
come for free?
Do you want your mother
earth to drown?
No, then take a pledge
with me and don’t frown.
I pledge to save my mother earth.
Its my right from birth.

Aditi Gupta
Class 7th

Pain of War

Hey you,Yes you..
Are you listening
Look at me
I am standing here
Broken,tired, thirsty of water.
Days of hunger,voice going softer.
Look at my eyes,looks so dried,
Not a tear left, so much has cried.
The world seems like a blind.
Which cannot see the wounds I find.
My heart is so full of blood.
No one in my favor has stood.
The world seems so very deaf.
Like their ears are made of reef.
Listening not to the cry of heart.
Lot more is the pain, than
you have thought.
The world seems like a dumb.
Which cannot feel as if numb.
Which cannot say
someting is wrong.
Which cannot hear the painful song.
War has given nothing to people.
Just pain, anger, destruction
as simple.
Let’s come unite our hand,
United we rock, divided we sand.

Jagdish Raj