Sheer injustice with SMC casual workers

It is unbecoming on the part of the management of Srinagar Municipality to press into service on roads to clear snow etc and not paying them their wages for the last four months. It is not only mismanagement of things in the Municipality but amounts to sheer exploitation. What problem does now appear in the Municipality after it is adequately provided with funds from the Central Government is beyond comprehension .
If a person is employed on whatever basis , it is only for a consideration and how could these workers afford their day to day living when they are wilfully denied their basic right of payment of their labour for months together. Why are they continuing to be even casual after 10 years in most of the cases? Are they covered under any suitable award or labour laws to take care of any type of exigencies or occupational hazards? The disparity between regular workers getting Rs.30000 per month and without “much ” work and these underpaid and not paid at all for months together must be addressed forthwith. Even if after new changes expectedly for running the Municipality in a better way , things continue to be in such a mess , it depicts poor and flawed administration which must change for the better in its own larger interests. In the meantime , these workers should be paid their dues immediately which we shall be following up.