Sham political activity in the State

Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo
The situation of Kashmir over the last three decades has led many political personalities to experimentation with some beaten-track exercises and silly ideas. It seems to be basically a desperation and also an urge to do something that could hold ground in order to move forward. There is always a road available for experimentation and new ideas, but repeating the old ideas and doing a harakiri is in no way a wise adventure.
We have two classic cases of the above postulates that can be cited as examples of this desperation and the urge to do something new. Most of the times, we fail to understand the implications of such misadventures over the society and the future generations.
The recent statement of the Mirwaiz Kashmir Umer Farooq regarding the so-called dialogue between India and Pakistan on the non-existent issue of Kashmir is one more attempt to hoodwink the opinion of the people in Kashmir. It is the same old theory that has virtually no backers at a crucial time when elections to the Lok Sabha have already been held. The elections held in Jammu and Kashmir in which more than 60 percent people took part and by virtue of which six Parliamentarians are duly elected by the people of the state is one of the biggest responses to the Mirwaiz in this context. Those who would still like to insist on this particular line of argument need also to find solutions and counter arguments to the scenario that India has been able to create over the last five years.
The Government of India is guided by the doctrine of “zero tolerance against terrorism” and “terror and talks cannot go together”. Therefore, the position of the Government of India is very clear and vivid. It needs to be reiterated that the State of Pakistan will have to prove to the satisfaction of the world that it does not allow land under its control being used against India through state or non-state actors for terrorism and subversive activities. Unless Pakistan provides a substantial evidence of it’s goodwill and right intent, there is no case for any dialogue. Pakistan has recently come up with a number of steps against terror organisations which exist in Pakistan and PoJK. These steps need to be taken positively but they are quite inadequate and meagre. Once the intent is expressed through sincere actions, things will start moving in the right direction. But unfortunately, Pakistan has many bosses and a final and authorised word about the operations is yet awaited.
Next, the dialogue will now take up the issue of liberation of PoJK as per the unanimous resolution of Parliament on Kashmir passed in 1994. It would be advisable that the Mirwaiz works towards bringing peace in Kashmir and ask the terrorists to surrender before the security forces for achieving peace and welfare of the people at large. The recent series of sexual assault on women folk in Kashmir has been taken due notice of by the people in rest of India. It has given a very bad name to Kashmir. Mirwaiz needs to, with the involvement of civil society, preach against this sorry state of affairs against women in the valley in addition to spreading the message that leads the people (having illegal gun in their hands) to leave their urge to commit suicides. At this particular point of time, this would have been a better and useful adventure to add value to the social welfare and establishment of peace in the State.
Next, it has been observed that some antinational activities are going on in various parts of Jammu region under the cover of sham political and socio-cultural activities. Recently it was noticed that the Rohangya illegal immigrants in Jammu region were involved in regular political activity in the state by making them member-activists of a new political outfit unleashed by a former IAS officer turned politician Shah Faesal.
Shah Faesal’s birthday was also celebrated by the party under the leadership of Adv. Nazim Qazi with the Rohangyas at Jammu and these illegal immigrants moreover joined the People’s Moment for their safety, security and welfare. Though it is highly inappropriate and against the constitutional provisions to involve foreign elements in any sort of socio-political activity moreso when their stay in the state in itself is the severe most controversial political issue. Shah should have exercised caution and care which he failed to do though knowing the Constitutional, political and legal position in this regard very well.
A lot of protests have been going on in the Jammu region against these illegal and unlawful immigrants over the last more than five years. It may not be out of place to mention that these illegal immigrants were brought to Jammu by the Congress-NC combine during the period 2004 to 2012. There is near unanimity regarding their detection and deportation and the Ministry of Home Affairs has passed very stringent orders in regard to their stay, detection and deportation.
It is also a serious issue that a number of government departments of the state have taken these illegal immigrants on contractual jobs inspite of knowing well about their antecedents. They have not only been made a part of the regular socio-economic activity in the state but have also been provided access to enter households and dwelling complexes of the people in the city of Jammu under the garb of town development schemes. The people of Jammu region have been complaining about these developments since long. The government was cautioned many a time regarding these antinational and anti-social developments going on in the Jammu region and also appealed to put a stop to this unwarranted illegal business.
Shah Faesal instead should have devised a mechanism to make people understand the legal position and ask these illegal immigrants to resolve to move to their historical habitat. In case his party goes ahead with the involvement of these people in its regular political activity, Jammu is bound to boil and boil to its advisable temperatures. Political harakiri has become a new fashion for the new entrants and probationers in politics and J&K state also does not lag behind in this neo-adventurism or misadventurism.
The family-feudalism in the socio-political scenario in Jammu & Kashmir state has done enough of damage over the last seven decades. The existing trend in this regard needs to be replaced by the genuine political activity and leadership, particularly in the valley of Kashmir. We may like it or not, India has entered into a transitional sphere of political history. The new Lok Sabha results will confirm the quantum and quality of transition. Jammu & Kashmir needs to take advantage of this positive development and get counted so far as the new India image and idea is concerned.
Kashmir beckons a new road map sans the beaten tracks of separatism, mayhem, death and destruction of the last forty years. The challenge is not ordinary, and the hope comes alive once the fearless and brave come up to expectations and create new chapters of history. But the hard fact is that Time awaits None……!
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