Settling scores or furthering education?

Obviously, educational institutions should focus on imparting education, spreading it and encouraging trainings, exposures and innovative methods in pursuit of furthering learning process. Having said so, it is no less than a “mystery” that the Central University of Jammu (CUJ) has reportedly stopped the Government of India sponsored job oriented vocational course in Tourism Management (B Voc Tourism). This has unavoidably but brazenly been done to settle some personal scores with some members on the teaching staff.
May it fairly be known that the said course was too popular among the aspirant students to bear with the sad spectacle of adversely impacting its continuance. Every effort needs to be taken which is a departure from the conventional approach in teaching newer subjects and courses which have a direct bearing on orientation of jobs and creating of self employment opportunities. Who does not know about the vast scope of tourism and tourism related jobs, courses, trainings etc not only in Jammu and Kashmir but across the country? Why should such courses be “deferred” or discontinued instead of encouraging more and more students taking up such type of vocational courses. We appreciate the efforts of the UGC and Department of Tourism Management in impressing upon the authorities in the CUJ to continue with such courses which we hope shall be restarted forthwith.