Senior Engineers get ”technical powers”

To lessen the workload on a particular wing in a department, it is always advisable to streamline the process by adopting certain workable alternatives including delegating powers to more or ”new” officers and have the dispersal of functioning resulting into quick and quality delivery. It is, therefore, in the fitness of things that the proposal of the Public Works Department having been approved by the Administrative Council in respect of delegating the authority to accord technical sanctions to projects among various technical engineers. This move not only was going to de-concentrate the load of work but result in containing delays and speedy execution of project works. Technical sanctions, therefore, cannot remain limited to a particular senior cadre only but to those who are otherwise competent and qualified to assess projects on technical, economic and feasibility basis and thus result in granting timely sanction to projects. Small administrative reforms like the one under reference must visit more departments to better the functioning and avoiding inordinate delays.