SCO calls for global front to fight terror groups

QINGDAO: China and Russia-led security grouping SCO today resolved to fight terrorism, separatism and extremism with a renewed vigour in the next three years and called for unified global counterterrorism front under the coordination of the United Nations.

The grouping of eight countries including China, India and Russia, came out with a declaration at the end of its two- day annual summit here, with a resolve to deepen cooperation to contain terrorism, extremism and separatism.

In his address at the summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke about challenges of terrorism and cited example of the its effects in Afghanistan.

“The Member States strongly condemn all forms of terrorism and consider it necessary to make efforts to promote the creation of a unified global counterterrorism front with the central coordinating role of the UN on the basis of international law, without politicisation or double standards,” the Qingdao declaration said.

However, the declaration did not mention any terror group. (AGENCIES)