School building and sawmills close by

Should not a school building be away from the constant deafening sounds of machines and the dust etc emanating there-from, both for the overall health of the students as also for studying in classes with rapt attention and concentration? If these basic factors for reading, writing , imparting knowledge and above all taking care of the health of the school children are most important , why School Education authorities pay no heed to such a school building – Motelhama in South Kashmir’s Kulgam district – which is virtually squeezed between two band-saw mills ?
It is the question of the health of over 150 students and the teaching staff etc of up-graded Primary into a Middle School needing a permanent building which the authorities must earnestly look into. Since schools continue to be closed presently both on account of winter vacations as also due to COVID restrictions, arrangements can be made easily for an alternate and a suitable building to house the school or have a building built on an ”identified” piece of land.