SBI launches doorstep banking for senior citizens, differently-abled

MUMBAI, Mar 12: Public lendor State Bank of India on Tuesday launched ‘Doorstep Banking’ for senior citizen customers over 70 years of age, differently-abled customers and infirm customers including visually impaired customers.

Doorstep Banking Services are available to fully KYC compliant account holders, with a valid mobile number registered with the bank and residing within 5 km of radius from their home branch.

This service will not be available for accounts operated jointly, minor account and accounts of non-personal nature.

Eligible customers can avail theses services with a nominal fee of Rs 100 per transaction for financial transactions and Rs 60 per transaction for non-financial transactions.

Customers will have to register at their home branch and additionally, differently-abled and infirm customers will have to submit a medical certificate to that effect to register for this service.

The service would be available at selected branches.