Save public property

The recently passed Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in Parliament has triggered a seismic wave of shock and surprise across the country. Misunderstanding and false propaganda has gripped the whole nation.
Frankly speaking, India has many things to be ashamed of. One of them is the presence of opportunist politicians of our country who are always bent upon to harm and defame their own country for their petty gains. They don’t have any sense and sympathy for patriotism, nationalism or national interests.
Unfortunately the minds of our minorities especially Muslims are brain washed by our vote bank politics of our political parties.
The present world scenario demands that our country needs to trust and stand by our future oriented leadership to cope up with the demands of our huge population and make the best use of the human resource in the best interest of the nation. Though everybody has been guaranteed right to protest, nobody has been given licence to burn public property. It is the tax payers money which is involved in building infrastructure and it is the common man which gets hit in case property is damaged.
Autar Krishan Razdan
Lale Da Bagh