Eradication of corruption

Corruption is a moral turpitude which varies in degrees from an individual to an individual. As commonly said, all human beings, with exceptions, are corrupt by nature. A man is good only to the extent till he doesn’t get time to become bad. Obviously, time and conditions govern one’s conduct and behaviour. Inter alia, we can say that the systems and regulations help largely in lessening its gravity and graph if sincerely and effectively implemented. Naturally, favouritism, nepotism, communalism, casteism are strong associates of the dragon (corruption).
If all these are kept away from it, the horrifying social, economical and political evils, the society and the Govts stand confronted with, can be controlled. For worldly pleasures, one goes to jail when caught. Apparently, it is totally unwise, inhuman and disgraceful to go for it. Perhaps, the man forgets that nothing can be taken with when the soul departs from the body. Vague and faulty rules unfit to suit to the prevailing conditions, often encourage this malice. It is so deep rooted that notwithstanding incessant efforts, it continues unabated. Perhaps one feels dignified to be placed where it is exercised much. In such conditions, need to cultivate moral and ethical values can’t be overemphasised.
Keshwa Nand Sharma
Salehri (Sunderbani)