Save Wild Life

Productive forests, rich soils etc are the remakable gifts of the nature to Indians. We are rich in natural resources like fertility of soil, water resources, climate, wildlife etc from long ago. Urbanisation, industrialisation and modernisation etc derailed the environmental system of India. Pesticides such as DDT, etc are used in massive quantity. All these disturb the ecosystem. Trees are cut for the sale of timber. Deforestation created many complications and difficulties for wild life. Moreover many species of wild life became extinct.
Soil erosion, floods, warming of atmosphere, water pollution etc are the outcomes of our ill policies and lust for money making.
To save wild life and environment we have to do some effective real work on ground level instead of pomp and show. We should use our knowledge skill and technology to save the environment instead of damaging it. The Government has realised the importance of wild life and opened many sanctuaries and reserves for the wildlife. In these reserves and sanctuaries the animals can live in their natural habits. Even important plants are being preserved. Thus, wildlife is our heritage and should be protected. So, save wildlife, save nature and save world.
Sanjay Dhar
Laxmi Nagar, Sarwal, Jammu