Safeguarding interests of Jammu

Of late, among others, Col J P Singh and Mr K N Pandita have been writing in the columns of the Daily Excelsior about the “woes”of Jammu which they feel would continue even after the abrogation of article 370 and the direct rule by the centre in the newly created J&K U T.Col J.P.Singh (DE,27 March) has suggested a very confusing, impractical and totally unacceptable “solution”to the issues and grievances of Jammu region.Col JP Singh’s proposal endorsed by Mr. KN Pandita virtually demand the balkanisation of the valley and dividing the Muslim majority into small pockets and treat them as pre 1947 subjects.
This is not going to happen as it will create more uncertainty,violence and outside interference. If these intellectuals and self styled Jammu well wishers are serious, they should demand a fully separate state or separate UT for Jammu province and free themselves from what they feel the rule of Kashmir.
Yousuf Nairang